August 19-21 : Konclave 2022 : A campout event in Washington state 

live electronics from :
Anther. Article Collection. Atlea. Ceremonial Abyss. Conniptor. Death Qualia. Disgustingness. Droste. Exxost. Fluorescent Grey. Identity Theft. Latona Odola. Luna Xix. Mateo Porter. Mothmouth. Nezzy Idy. OBSRVR. Phaze Fox. Piano Rain. Purpureal Daystar. Soriah. Sqwyrm. Terror Apart. Xanopticon.
Soundsystem by La Magia

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This is a 100% DIY event on private forested land. We are asking for donations from everyone in attendance in order to cover our basic costs (land use, facilities, gas for generator). The suggested donation amount we are asking is 20-40$ per person, per day. We will be cooking one large meal per day, and we are asking for an additional donation of 10$/day for food. The donations are entirely on the honor system, there will be no wristbands or stamps. There is camping onsite, and there is plenty of room to park vehicles in the main field. There will be portable toilets, but no running water or electricity and limited cell reception. Please bring enough water and supplies for the weekend. The event is not too far from town in case a supply run is needed. Weather is not guaranteed, keep an eye on forecasts and be prepared for rain or sun.

Located at Red Hawk Avalon: 26 Red Hawk Rd, Pe Ell, WA 98572 Approximately 2 hours from Portland and 1 hour from Olympia.
DIRECTIONS: Follow GPS directions to Pe Ell…after turning right at stop sign to stay on hwy 6…cross bridge out of town and go about 4.5 miles. You’ll cross into pacific county. When you see second stop sign turn right onto Walville CREEK Rd (first stop sign is Walville rd and wrong street per GPS). Cross bridge over creek and turn left. Drive through gate and go past green buildings and follow gravel road back to meadow. Notice – there is no cellular or wifi reception out on the land. Please save directions before driving out. 

Email if you have additional questions.