Katabatik Konclave 2024 : August 16-18.

A weekend of live electronics, DJs , camping and revelry in the Katabatik tradition.
For tickets :

Aetatis Suae, Anonymous NOR, Atlea, Beyond the Black Hole, Bill Converse, Boline, Cube, FUTURE, BLONDES, Gift ov Poetic Life, Greystar, Hemadaxis, Only Now, Orogen + Ian Campbell, Rudement, Sqwyrm, SPINES, Xosex, Zyphoniq

D-Syn, Deleterious Gene, Fluorescent Grey, Katadesmos, Nezzy Idy, Ocean, SamurAI, Vampire Squid

Stevepi, Special advance screening of THTHNG II

Note: Volunteer shifts are currently available in exchange for reduced ticket prices. Email if you are interested.

Rideboard and additional info will be posted closer to the event.

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