Katabatik Ghost Ship Fire Relief Fund

Please use the donation button below to offer financial support for Katabatik after the Ghost Ship Fire. All proceeds will go towards supporting the family and friends of the deceased, and immediate needs of those directly affected by the fire. Your contribution will help Katabatik continue to exist after losing several core members. Thank you deeply  for all those who have helped us and shown solidarity in this time. 

Katabatik Statement on Ghost Ship Fire

This friday, in the “Ghost Ship” fire, the Katabatik collective lost one of its core members, and leading lights; Barrett Clark. Barrett was the soundman for all Katabatik events and performed mystical and transcendently visceral music under many monikers : RPTN, RMS, Sidereal Oscillations, Accenting Shadows, POLAR, among others. He was an extremely intelligent, generous, funny, and vibrant man; an amazing and accomplished sound engineer, cook, DJ, and musician – with a great love of the outdoors and a fearless sense of adventure. He was relentless and untiring in his passions, an unyielding fountain of energy who provided so much for so many behind the scenes without an ounce of egoism. He was a great friend and a brother to many of us, and he was just hitting his stride.
We also lost our video projectionist, Jonathan Bernbaum of Circuit 5 visuals. Jonathan was a professional VJ who travelled the world with his visual wizardry, but made always time to add his contributions to our events at Summer and Winter Solstices. He was a genuine and unpretentious man who had great care for his friends, and was a master of his craft like no other. In addition, our close collaborator and friend Joey Casio was lost to the flames. He had performed at many Katabatik events over the years with his projects: Uncanny Valley, Time Release, and Obsidian Blade. He was a close friend with many of us, and his impact was profound both in quiet times and loud ones.
These three friends were all warriors and genuine visionaries. They each were among the best and brightest that we had; and their bonds and meaning to this community are immeasurable. While we mourn the losses to our immediate inner circle, we also acknowledge and mourn the greater losses of all of all those who were taken in this fire, who were an extension of this network. These are folks who would have been found at Katabatik parties and many of them would have certainly been in attendance at the Katabatik Winter Solstice. Many of us who are still living also would have been at the Ghost Ship that night, and many of us were outside watching it burn on that night.
Barrett, Jonathan and Joey were all scheduled to perform at the Katabatik Winter Solstice, and now in light of this insane tragedy we must shift the focus of the event to be a memorial for them, a celebration of their lives and essences, and a time of healing for our greater community. We will be taking this week to decide how and where we will honor our fallen and we will be posting this information soon. Thank you to all who have reached out in solidarity.
Dec 6, 2016

Katabatik Winter Solstice 2016

A Katabatik memorial for Barrett Clark, Jonathan Bernbaum, Joey Casio

and for all those who lost their lives in the Ghost Ship Fire.

At The Omni Commons Ballroom

4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland, CA

Please note :

Originally scheduled for Dec 17th, this is now on Dec 16th.  
Event starts promptly at 8PM and goes until 2AM.
Live musical tributes to the departed:  
Poison Ring
Pod Blotz
Imago Ignota
and selections from the recorded music of
Barrett Clark and Joey Casio
Projections of Jonathan Bernbaum’s visuals will be displayed.

Donate 15$ or more here for entry:

Additional donations (once production expenses for this memorial are covered) will go towards direct support for those who lost their loved ones in the fire.

There will be food, and drink available.

Feel free to bring a small token for the central altar. Candles and incense will not be permitted.

If you are moved to do so, please bring a handheld mirror, (ie compact etc) to refract light, reflect and celebrate the souls of our loved ones.

We would also like to ask for cooperation participating in making a receptive and consciously considerate environment.  We would like to encourage sobriety and self care,  no drugs or outside alcohol please.

We would also like to encourage that cell phones be turned off for the duration of the event.  We would like to dedicate this time to be focused with intention and presence through various forms of expression as a means to honor one another and our friends that are no longer with us.

“in the darkest night we see the brightest stars…”


Katabatik Summer Solstice Kampout 2016

JUNE 17th - 20th, 2016
3 nights of esoteric musick , camping and revelry in the Katabatik tradition.
 Fluorescent Grey
 Military Bass
 Nommo Ogo
 Obsidian Blade
 Terminal 11

 Scott Arford
 Pod Blotz
 Group Rhoda
 Thee Source
 DJ Tyrel Williams
 Positive Shadow
Synchronicity Frequency
 Type B
Dylan Cameron
 Don't Look At Me
Identity Theft 
 Tyrel Williams
 Where Are You?
 Carlos Souffront

Hypostasis – May 21st, 2016


Katabatik Winter Solstice 2015


October 23rd

10-23 flyer

Katabatik Summer Solstice Kampout 2015


The 6th Annual Katabatik Summer Solstice Kampout
Weekend of June 19th-21st, 2015
Deep in the Forests of Northern California

Friday night:

Military Bass
Zanna Nera
Nommo Ogo
Scott Arford
Ceremonial Abyss
Fluorescent Grey

Saturday Night:

Blue Window
Cruor Incendia
Obsidian Blade
Abandoned Footwear

Stimulation Tank

DJs :

Identity Theft
Don’t Look at Me
Lisa Fox
Luna Xix
Where Are You?
Disco Boy
UV Cunt

Cost : 25$ per night per person via Paypal.
Directions will only be sent to confirmed attendees.
Attendance will be limited to 150

Presale tickets no longer available. See you in the trees.

March 2015 Northwest Coast µ-Tour


3/21 – Katabatik Vernal Equinox at The Palace Theater, Oakland
3/15 HIVE PDX at the Star Theater  w/ Soriah, Sidereal Oscillations + Pink Noise
3/14 Plews Brews PDX w/ RPTN,Dimentia,Abandoned Footwear, Obsidian Blade
3/13 at Obsidian, Olympia WA w/ RPTN,Dimentia,Abandoned Footwear + Cats on Valerian
3/12 at Obsidian, Olympia WA Textures of Tommorow DJ night w guest Katabatik DJ’s




Katabatik Winter Solstice 2014 – December 20th

Presale tickets are sold out.
Admission at door will be 15-20$ sliding scale.
Location is 1445 23rd Ave in Oakland